Tuesday, November 11, 2008

back with a slight return

I need to get back here and write. I miss blogging. It's time.

It seems that when times get tough, when I should be writing the most, I clam up and leave. I have recently been talking a few friends through a tough time and I keep saying over and over - communicate - talk to each other. I need to take my own advice.

I'm back, at least for now. So here I sit, breathing through one nostril watching t.v., avoiding homework and trying to figure out how I can get a longer neck and legs. Genetics be damned, I'm sure with enough googling I can come up with a solution.

In other interesting news, the guy I wanted to win the presidential election, won! Awesome. I really needed Obama to win the election. It's lent to my sanity and general well being. I've also been craving donuts for a week. I don't need a doughnut per say, but I'd really like one. Or twelve.


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