Monday, August 11, 2008

A long time gone

I'm back, but this is going to be short because I had strep throat for the eighth time since March (not even exaggerating that one)! So just a few bullet points to let you know whats happened, whats happening and whats going to happen.

-Went to Michigan for my brothers wedding. It was a great time. Got to see lots of family and a few friends. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a great party and I gained a sister-in-law who is pretty damn amazing. I also got to meet my new niece Abby, also known as "Bathtub" and as Elle calls her: "Baby Babby."

-Came home from Michigan on my 12th wedding anniversary. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for our anniversary lunch and then drove for 10 hours. I am asking for a spa day for our 13th.

-Two days after we returned home, we fell in to the opportunity to move in to a bigger house with less rent just a few blocks from where we live now. We jumped at the opportunity and we are now settled in to our new place with lots of fun home projects ahead of us. However, I don't really recommend moving spur of the moment with just a sedan and a pickup truck, even if it is just three blocks away.

-Elle started kindergarten today. She did awesome, I was a teary blubbering mommy when I put her on the school bus. It's different with preschool, she is officially a school kid and I just can't believe how time is flying! It seems like we just brought her home yesterday.

-My sister started blogging. Her website is I think you should visit her site and maybe encourage her to vote for Obama.

-What's in the future: a visit from Aunt Lynne and Kunkle Egg, a tonsillectomy, and hopefully employment for my husband. Oh, and catching up with YOUR blog.

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The Sister said...

Please visit... but I will never vote for Obama.