Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stiumulus? Ha! Surely, you jest!?

Part of our recent financial issues have stemmed from the fact that good 'ole Uncle Sam has put the hammer down on the deferment of my student loans. Forebear you say? Been there done that. I even made several attempts to work out a payment plan with said crazy uncle and the student loan servicing center (SLSC). I explained to all parties that I am the sole income for my family right now and that I have a child with Down Syndrome who requires extra out-of-pocket needs like additional speech and occupational therapies that bill beyond insurance. I even explained that the reason why I had to defer for so long was the fact cancer cleaned out our bank and kept me out of work for a long time. The individual that was (and I say was for reasons you will read in a moment) is no longer working on my case and it was turned over to the devil's handmaiden for collection. Ms. Beelzebub filed garnishment papers and not so shortly after, 15-20% rolled off my check and right into my loan repayment. This is A LOT of freaking money. A LOT. This money was the difference between making it and being kicked while you're down. Oh, and the former individual who was my case worker? She informed me and I quote (I will never forget this, ever): "Mrs. Forrester, I'm sorry you had cancer and that your kid is retarded, but that is no reason why you can't pay more on your loan. You owe this money and I am here to get it." Nice, eh?

In addition to my garnishment, my $2,500 tax return? IRS wired that to the SLSC in January. I also get a rather large bonus from work each February, %20 of that went directly to the SLSC and the $1,800 stimulus check this May? You guessed it!! It was wired directly to the SLSC!!! That was over $6,500 I "lost!" That would have paid a lot of bills. That money doesn't even include what I paid from my regular check's garnishment. (I promise I will knock it off with the exclamation points!)

Don't get me wrong. I understand I am responsible for my student loans, I do not dispute the loan for a minute. I do however feel I am owed respect. I can't even get the SLSC to negotiate with me, I would like to knock off some of the interest so that all of this money will actually go to the principal and get me out from under this tidal wave of shit.

Now you are probably wondering the whole reason why I wrote all of this, and dear sweet reader, there is a reason and that is Jon Stewart. I was reading some of his satirist editorial and I came across the following quote, and it made me LAUGH!

(March 17, 2008 - speaking of the $600 tax rebate to help home owners)
"I think that'll work out great if your home is made out of plastic and located on Baltic Avenue."

Heh. I needed to laugh.

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