Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday evening as I called Elle to the kitchen for dinner I raised her booster seat to adjust her chair. She came running* in to the kitchen and the timing resulted in Elle running face first in to the seat as I raised the chair behind me (almost drawing my arm back like getting ready to toss a bowling ball).

Elle immediately covered her face with her hands and cried, for all of 15 seconds. I think my reaction is what scared her the most since I was all "oh my God I just hit my child in the face with a chair!" Once she let me peel her hands away, a goose egg raised on the bridge of her nose and a black eye started to turn dark. Every time I look at her face I feel a punch in the gut, a wave of guilt, and even though it was a total accident, I can't help feeling like a craptastic mother.

Elle is totally fine and unless she looks directly in a mirror, is not really aware of the fact she looks like she finished 3 rounds in the octagon with Rampage Jackson and won.

*Elle is a runner. She rarely walks and if she is walking, she probably doesn't want to make you aware she is entering a room. She's sneaky that way.


Dave said...

I can't believe that you beat your child with a chair! There can be none of that at the wedding. NO CHILD BEATING! :-)

Edge said...

What a trooper she is!

Stuff like this happens. When my son was three, he knocked his front tooth out. Completely. Scared the bejebus out of me, while he just handed me the tooth and went back out to play.