Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh dear.

Last night, I went out with some friends from work after work. It was fun. My peeps insisted that I do some de-stressing. Check.

I drank way way too much and played pool badly. This combination has made for an interesting day. My question is: why do my fingers hurt so bad?

Also, Guinness + SoCo and Lime + J├Ągermeister + Chicken wings = Headache


The Sista said...

Thats just NASTY

Edge said...

I'm jealous... I wanted some wings last night so badly!!!

Try this: SoCo and DrPepper. It's AMAZING. It tastes like cherry kool-aid!

Amy said...

SoCo and Dr.Pepper will be on my list. Sounds good!

Lynne said...

SoCo...Southern Comfort? Never liked that one...sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen!

Just finished my night's work...back at it at 7 am. Love to all! :)