Monday, June 02, 2008

cutie patooties

After blogging about illness, alcohol and alienesque actresses, I thought I would take a turn for the sentimental and share a pic of my nieces. This is the lovely Miss M, holding her sister, Bathtub. Bathtub is legally known as Abigail but do not tell Miss M. Judging from this photo, Bathtub* may be better served by the name burrito. Can you stand the cuteness? It almost makes me want another child, but not really.

I just wonder if Bathtub will grow up to throw heavy oak chairs at Miss M, just like their mother did to me? (I have the scar to prove this.)


The Sturtz Family said...


The Sister said...

Well I guess is Abby gets tormented by her big sister like you did to me... I would have to support the

Maddy has already claimed bossing rights to Abby so we shall see where things go from here, but she really has to stop helping in the eye opening department.

bekah said...

OH I love seeing new babies in their hospital-issued blankies and bonnets. And yes, totally makes me want another one BUT I REALLY DON'T!

kate said...

Hi - The baby is too cute!

I hope you don't mind, I wandered over from Cameron's blog, and just wanted to say hi from one survivor to another...