Thursday, June 05, 2008

::beached wail::

On a lark, Josh suggested that we take a trip to the beach. We headed out to Normandy Lake, a TVA reservoir with beaches about 25 minutes from the house. We thought it would be nice to do something inexpensive and fun for Elle. The sun was shining, it was 88 degrees outside and we grabbed towels, sunscreen** and sand toys, iced down some lemonade and hit the road.

Our child is officially a beach bum.

Elle ran straight into the lake without a second thought*. It scares me that she has no fear of, well, anything. We stayed in the water for almost an hour and then we coaxed Elle up on the beach to play in the sand while Josh and I chilled and drank lemonade. After 20 minutes in the sand Elle took a look at me and Josh on the blanket and then a long look at the lake. We knew what was coming. She dropped the sand shovel and took off running straight into the water. I was running after her but the beach has some rocks and my feet were tender so I was a good 5 feet behind her. She stopped about a foot into the water, turned around and looked and me and said "MOM! HURRY!"We stayed in the water for another hour or so and then called it a day.

I derive the title of today's post from Elle's emotional farewell with the beach. TOTAL MELTDOWN. You would have thought we told her that there were no hot dogs left on earth. She wailed and sobbed and fought the buckles on her car seat. Only after we had completely left Normandy and drove a good mile down the road had she calmed down enough to stop hyperventilating. The promise of Popsicles at home finally mellowed her back to her normal pleasant demeanor so we could ride home with the windows down enjoying the breeze.

There were probably a total of 30 or 40 people scattered between the beach and the water. According to some other parent-types on the beach, today's population was typical for a week day. This has us totally stoked because my days off are week days and now we can hit the beach once a week and avoid the crowds.

We had such a great time today that if the weather cooperates, we are planning to go back next Wednesday with cookout supplies and floaties :) Good times. Yeah, it's summer.

*Josh just read this and requested that I mention that today was Elle's first time in a body of water larger than a puddle. She's been in pools before but she was always in an inner tube or a wading pool shallow enough for small birds. Today she went head first in to a big lake. Without an ounce of fear!

**I remembered to spray Josh and Elle with sunscreen but neglected to protect myself. You'd think with the whole "cancer thing" I would be more careful. Heh. You'd think.


Dave said...

Looked like a fun day!!!!

The Sista said...

Good Lord, put on some frickin sunscreen will ya... maybe durring wedding time we take the girls to the beach!

John said...

The church has a very nice Galilean service every September on Normandy Lake. We have a big cookout, and then the youth lead a worship service after sunset which culminates with one of the youth playing Jesus coming ashore -- except for last year, when the lake was too low. The shoreline was so far from where we have the service that no one would have been able to see the boat land!

Meredith said...

I did not know Normandy Lake has a beach! My husband likes to fish the tailwater, but the kids and I are usually at a loss for what to do.

Looks like a great day trip from Nashville for us!