Tuesday, April 11, 2006

~o0o~ I enjoy being a girl! ~o0o~

I make no bones about the fact that I love being a woman.

I like to dress up.
I like my curvy body.
The color pink + me = happiness
I like lipstick.
I like jewelry.

I also love sports, hockey especially - but that doen't deter from my womanlyness - it makes me well rounded.

But something I hate and I know most of you ladies will agree - is shaving the legs. I love smooth legs and "society be damned" is often my motto, however you aren't going to find Grisley Adams gams on this girl.

My skin has not been the same since the 49 lovely doses of radiation that I had to experience. Oddly enough, the cancer was in/on my head but radiation made the skin on my legs ROUGH. I moisturize and exfoliate. I have tried shaving with the grain (as Queer Eye guy Kyan would insist upon). I hate to even shave with the best of razors because I always look like I have wicked razor burn. I have even resorted to using lotion that has small doses of hair remover to thin my leg hair so that shaving isn't such an ordeal - but alas, no luck yet.

Note:I can't afford regular professional waxing so that isn't an option.

So here I sit with Nair on my legs and like the mouth wash commerical says: "the burn says it's working!" Well mother feck, my legs are burning (like they always do with this Nair crap). I swear if my legs aren't sliky smooth when this stuff is washed off, I'll cry.

Do you have any smooth leg secrets? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Morning To Do List or Thank God for Coffee

Laundry (3 loads)
Fold Laundry and Put away

Unload Dishwasher
Reload Dishwasher

Clean Puppy area of Laundry Room
Give Puppy a bath

Make Elle breakfast
Change Elle
Eat something healthy for breakfast

Get Elle to rest before school (still no naps for her!)
Paint toe nails

Write letter to "whom it may concern" as to why it is unfair that I am 29 and still get zits

.... and that is just this morning.