Thursday, March 02, 2006

525,600 boogers - Seasons of Phlem

Life is finally settling down a bit. After all of the drama of the last few weeks, I am ready for the settling. So what's been going down? Here's the re-cap:

My Gram is doing alright, resting at home and having good days and bad days - keep her in your prayers, please.

Elle and I got mega sick. It was a snotty phlem fest. Everyone got antibiotics and other helpful medicine. We're on the mend now. THANK GOD! I don't think I could have handled another bad day. We are also considering buying stock in the Proctor and Gamble, the parent company of Kleenex.
Side Note - How brilliant are Kleenex for putting lotion in their product so our noses do not fall off from the constant blowing? Very brilliant, I'd say.

Elle is so versed in the nose-blowing technique that she is now instructing random people when to blow their noses. A woman standing next to us in Eckerd sneezed and Elle said: "Hey, godda glo noose! Now!"

The puppies are GROWING. I have new names for them too. There is Hoss, the big fatty and Bitty, the littlest one and then there is Tater Tott who is nearly as big as Hoss. Tater Tott received his name from Promise, his 4 year old owner who is SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT SHE IS GETTING A PUPPY.

We are also an American Idol house. We never miss an episode. Do you watch? Who are you rooting for? We are big fans of Taylor and Chris. We like Paris as well. Ace's brooding is killing us and I pointed out long before the show did - that Kevin Covais bears striking resemblance to Chicken Little. Oh, and I am SO OVER Randy Jackson speaking in third person and saying [insert name here] "can blow!" What is the matter with calling singing, singing? I'm just saying . . .

So that's about it. I have a stack of DVD's that need watching and there is a big ol' cup of Lemon Zinger with my name on it. But wait!

Before I go, a quick Elle story that will make you laugh. So she's watching Sesame Street today and the theme is trees. Somewhere in the episode Ernie says rhetorically: "Let's hear it for the trees!" and Elle says: "Yay! Trees! Go Trees!"

How funny is that?

peee esss: I haven't read your blog in a week. I'm sorry. I promise to read AND comment soon!
pee pee esss: Does anyone else find it funny that blogger's spell check does not acknowledge the word blog? I find that quite humorous.

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