Thursday, February 02, 2006

another reason why rural tennessee is backasswards

Grrr..... I DO NOT LIKE DSL.

Our telephone company is a TOTAL RACKET. I have no idea how they get away with what they're doing. How is it that BellSouth is not allowed to offer service to this area? I live 30 minutes away from my old home that had digital cable and bellsouth and ammenitites!

I'm not a snob. I'm not a princess. I don't ask for much! I would just like an internet connection that costs me 60 junior bacon cheese burgers to work when the wind blows harder than 5 miles an hour! I don't mind paying for good service. We upped our DSL to the highest speed offered and we've gone from snail/slug speed to elderly woman with a walker speed. Is fast internet too much to ask for? Is a continuous connection too much to ask for? Jeeze Creeze!

I'm going to go chill with Elle and watch Monsters, Inc. It's her new favorite movie and it is sooo nice to have a break from SpongeBob.

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