Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired

I am borderline disgruntled this morning. I'm going on a week of having a sinus headache at some point during every day, and this morning it is killing me to swallow and my ears are hurting too. I imagine that the fact that it was SNOWING Tuesday and it is supposed to be 60 degrees today factors into the sinus issue. I like to experience the seasons over the course of a year - not a week.

Fortunatly Elle is in a cooperative mood this morning. She is watching Sesame Street and eating her traditional breakfast of pizza snacks and 2% lactose free milk combined with Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast. Today is Oscar the Grouch's birthday, ironic, eh?

Just kidding about the pizza snacks. Admit it, you were suprised for a second there, weren't you?

So anyway, yeah a headache. A BIG craptastic headache and I can't think of any legal way to remedy the solution while keeping my parenting skills in tact. It's 8:22 AM and I already want to go back to bed - until tomorrow.

Did I mention that the dog has been barking constantly this morning and I think the Jack Russel terrier across the street has knocked her up? (open sarcasm)Today is going to be grrrrrrrrrrrreat!(close sarcasm) Yeah.

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